Sunday, March 29, 2009

Culture Night 2009 - Highlights from Ben Boyle on Vimeo.

Hawaiian Club Culture Night Performance 2009 from Ben Boyle on Vimeo.

Last weekend, BYUH held its annual culture night and this time I participated. After seeing the presentations last Winter, I decided I didn't want to miss out again. I danced with the Hawaiian Club and the Tahitian Club this year, and had an incredible time not only on stage, but also in rehearsals.

Culture Night is an event held every Winter semester that allows each of the cultural clubs on campus to perform a number that represents their country. There were traditional dances from over 20 countries this year, and it was quite the spectacle to see! The Kiwi club (from New Zealand) performed a haka, the Chinese club put on a brief "fashion show" displaying beautiful clothing from across their country, and others like the swing club contributed spirited dance numbers to the evening. My good friend Ben took video of the performances, and compiled a brief compilation (above) of his footage. Ben is also working on a documentary about the Hawaiian club this semester, and he was able to capture our entire performance (also above). Check out the videos to get a better sense of what culture Night is really all about!

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